MySpeakBubble Fundraising Made Smarter - NOT Harder

Greetings Fundraisers (School sport, band, PTA, club boosters; Youth football, baseball, softball, swimming, soccer, lacrosse organizations, and College Fraternities and Sororities, etc..)

As a former educator and parent of school age children, I can relate to the efforts required to organize and coordinate faculty, staff, parents, students and players for car washes, selling Christmas paper, bake sales, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, etc... for fundraising.

What is a MySpeakBubble Magnet? 
The patented MySpeakBubble, customizable, dry erasable magnetic bubble magnets are the latest social media buzz that can quickly help raise funds for your favorite cause with less effort and great results!
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What’s in it for YOUR school, organization, students or players?
Besides selling a product that has more than a one-time use, this is what is in it for your school and students:
  1. School or organization receives $3 for each MySpeakBubble magnet for which payment is received. 
  2. Students or players earn a $25 gift card for every 25 MySpeakBubble magnets they sell. 
MySpeakBubble, LLC will ship MySpeakBubble orders directly to purchasers anywhere 
      in the continental USA and will also handle any purchaser concerns that may occur.
MySpeakBubble selling points 
The patented MySpeakBubble magnet sells itself and is for all ages! Each 10” x 12” MySpeakBubble comes with a black dry erase marker. The magnet surface can be erased and written on again and again; messages can be wiped off using a dry non-abrasive cloth in most cases. Information on MySpeakBubble application and use is included with each order and can also be found on 
MySpeakBubble magnets can be affixed to a clean, flat, dry, magnetic surface (such as a vehicle, refrigerator, microwave, office cabinet, school locker, etc.), and are a great way to support school events, teams, players and for everyday use in expressing personal or world views, promoting a business, communicating staff meeting messages, honey-do lists, notes to children and spouse, and much more.
5 easy Steps to MySpeakBubble Fundraising  
Here is how simple the MySpeakBubble Fund Raising process is using the order form and selling persons sales script (order form and seller script will be provided)
     1. Principal or Organization Leader 
         a. shares this site with all band, sports, club boosters, PTA, youth group, club and other sponsored
             fundraising representatives
     2. Fundraising Representative: (order form and seller script will be provided)
         a. prints and completes the top part of the order form, leaving only the seller’s name blank 
         b. makes needed copies
         c. communicates sales process to participating sellers using the provided script on the back of the
order form

     3. Participating sellers: ( seller script will be provided )
         a. fill in script blanks on the front and the back of order form before selling
         b. contact friends, family and neighbors locally and anywhere in the USA during the 30-day period 
               determine d by school / organization using the order form and sales script 
         c. ensure all purchaser information is legible
         d. turn-in all cash and checks to their school / organization representative as directed. 
     4. Fundraising Representative:
         a. collects and verifies that all monies collected for each seller match their order form 
         b. writes a single check for the total amount of all orders, made payable to MySpeakBubble, LLC 
         c. scans all order forms and a copy of the check
         d. emails all scanned forms to 
         e. e-mails registered check of total school purchase the same day as order form and check
            are mailed
 to a provided mailing address.
      5. The MySpeakBubble team will verify information and mail each order individually to purchasers
          in the continental USA. 
Click HERE, and we will contact you to discuss further how our fund raising opportunity will assist you in attaining, and hopefully exceeding, your fund raising goals more strategically.   


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