MySpeakBubble Magnetic Sign Application, Care & Cleaning Tips

Blank MySpeakBubble magnetic signs are an excellent way to increase exposure in writing or drawing your thoughts and opinions about supporting or recognizing your favorite: sports team; individual point of view; organization or event; business, political party and more. Proper cleaning and care of your magnetic MySpeakBubble magnet will extend it's life.  Some minimum recommended actions you should take are listed below

CAUTION - the longer dry erase BLACK marker is left on your MySpeakBubble or is exposed to direct sunlight or cold weather, the more difficult it will be to completely clean/erase your temporary message.  Avoid using abrasive cleaners and abrasive cloth to remove your message.

Surface Preparation for your MySpeakBubble magnet:
The magnet surface to which you are going to apply the MySpeakBubble magnet must be clean, free of dirt, oil and DRY before applying your MySpeakBubble magnet to a flat magnetic indoor or outside surface.

  1. When applying your MySpeakBubble magnet to a clean and flat magnetic surface such as a vehicle, throughly clean and dry the surface to reduce the chance of slippage.
  2. MySpeakBubble magnets may become stiff in cold temperature conditions and may not properly grip a magnetic surfaces. Use caution when using your magnets in these conditions and always test for adherance.
  3. Remove your MySpeakBubble magnet before washing your vehicle or if your magnet will be exposed to adverse conditions, such as, but not limited to heavy rain, heavy snow, or heavy winds

Positioning your MySpeakBubble magnet:

  1. Attach your MySpeakBubble magnet completely to a smooth flat magnetic surface.
  2. Affix magnet from left to right or right to left slowly to make sure all of the magnet is affixed to a flat surface without any air pockets. Applying your MySpeakBubble magnet with less than 100% surface contact may result in slippage, loss or permanent magnet damage.
  3. If you position your MySpeakBubble incorrectly, remove it, clean the magnetic surface and magnetic side of the MySpeakBubble magnet, then reattach to the magnetic surface. DO NOT pull your MySpeakBubble magnet across the application surface or it could stretch and damage the magnet.
  4. Do not attach your magnets over an uneven vehicle surface such as a ridge, trim, non-magnetic surface or rust spot that would prevent the MySpeakBubble sign from laying flat and being fully affixed to magnetic surface.

Writing / Drawing on your MySpeakBubble magnet:

  1. Writing on your MySpeakBubble with Permeant markers affords user the opportunity to use more colors, and a decreased chance of colors bleeding into you magnet but limit your message to a ONE TIME application.
  2. Only BLACK erasable markers are recommended as other dry erase markers may bleed into your MySpeakBubble magnet; the extend of marker bleed is dependent on the type of marker, weather conditions, and length of time your message is left on MySpeakBubble magnet.
  3. Clean magnetic surface immediately if dry erase marker is accidentally applied to it.
  4. Do NOT write on a MySpeakBubble magnet attached to a moving vehicle.
  5. MySpeakBubble, LLC is not responsible for any language, phase or use of this product by the owner.

Removing & Cleaning your MySpeakBubble magnet:

Youtube: MySpeakBubble Use and Care
  1. When removing your MySpeakBubble magnet, be careful not to bend or crease the magnet.
  2. To prevent color fading of a magnetic surface the MySpeakBubble magnet is applied too, it is recommended that your MySpeakBubble magnet be repositioned to a new location on the magnetic surface frequently -  daily as a minimum.
  3. Do not apply MySpeakBubble magnets to horizontal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, such as a car hood.
  4. The recommended method of cleaning the MySpeakBubble surface is with a moist or dry towelette or cloth and with a non-abrasive product or generic dry erase board cleaner. Make sure to completely dry your magnet after cleaning and before writing  a new message.  The number of times a new message is written or drawn and subsequently is removed may result in greater difficulty removing marker completely.  Each owner is encouraged to use cleaning materials that protect the glossy coating on the writing surface of the MySpeakBubble magnet.  

Storing your MySpeakBubble magnet:

  1. Place your MySpeakBubble magnet flatly in a clean, dry, warm place when not in use. Avoid storing in a moist, cold or humid environment as this may temporarily or permenantly warp or damage your magnet
  2. Store your MySpeakBubble magnets by stacking them completely flat on a flat surface.
  3. Do not stack vehicle signs with the magnetic sides touching each other. Place a piece of cardboard between each magnet to extend the use of your magnet
  4. Do not store heavy objects or objects that are not completely flat on top of or against your MySpeakBubble magnet


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