MySpeakBubble Gives Back to Veterans


My Father was an honorable US Army Veteran, my son is a 10 year active duty US Air Force Officer, and I served 21 years honorably in the US Navy, so I know and appreciate the service of those who have served, are serving and all of those who have supported and continue to support our active duty, reserve, retired and veteran service members.  

I do NOT need proof of military service or support of our service members to receive a 20% discount. Use promo code VET to receive a 20% discount off of your order off the $13.99 retail sale price.  Each order includes a MySpeakBubble magnet, use and care directions, and a black dry erase marker

2015 was a start-up year for MySpeakBubble, LLC, so starting in January, 2016, MySpeakBubble, LLC will donate 10% of profits to selected qualified veteran organizations.

Thank you for your continued support of those who are serving and have served our country!



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